Built on the flavor
of historically honest beer.

In a world where beer has ventured from four basic ingredients to flavors so overstated that they’re capable of staining a pint glass, Castleburg Brewery harkens back to a time when beer was beer. Our master brewer’s recipes are deeply rooted in the philosophies of Reinheitsgebot, a 16th century Bavarian purity law specifying only water, barley and hops. (Yeast hadn’t been discovered yet.) As such, Castleburg’s recipes stand as historical fortresses, designed to produce “Beer for the sake of beer,” and not for the sake of added flavors.

At the same time, our creations are known for their bold explorations, building upon beer’s truest flavor, with tones ranging from lemon and peppercorn-based Saisons to brown ales noted with maple. For this reason, in addition to numerous fan-favorites and some expected seasonal selections on tap, you can always expect to find something new and exciting in our taproom.

In the end, every glass of Castleburg serves as an education—in what beer should be and what it can be, while remaining good, honest beer.