When Karl Homburg graduated from the kitchen stove to a single-tier, 3-kettle setup, he took six months to learn welding. Why welding? But of course, so he could meticulously design and forge his own brewing stand.

As a native of Richmond and a veteran IT professional, Homburg’s eye for planning and executing, along with his ability to fully dedicate himself to every task, summon the details for Castleburg’s rock-solid, consistent recipes. Meanwhile, his purist attitude and evidence-based approach to brewing lend themselves to beer that’s based on honest, back-to-basics flavor.

At the same time, intellectual properties are meaningless without hard work and dedication. For this reason, you shouldn’t be surprised to catch the brewmaster straggling out of Castleburg’s brewing chambers in the wee hours of a morning, after a night of painstakingly chasing down the details for Castleburg’s next recipes. You also shouldn’t be surprised to find him sitting in the taproom, quietly soaking up the praises that he says inspire his next success.