At Castleburg Brewery and Taproom (CB&T), our mission is to be the leader in brewing upscale artisan crafted beers. Castleburg Brewery will produce an honest beer using only wholesome ingredients, will never remove flavor and character through filters or pasteurization, and will sell its beer at a reasonable and affordable price.

Keys to Success

Our beers will be produced in a passionate and creative work environment, and we will use inspiration from unusual and/or historical sources to create high quality beers with the best ingredients. From our standard lineup to our Reserve series, we will always make beers with our heart. We will be committed to using the highest quality ingredients in our beer. We will distinguish ourselves from other breweries by offering a unique product line. We will enrich our customers’ lives by providing them with premium customer service and an enjoyable experience and will offer our customers a large selection of beers and a friendly, inviting atmosphere to enjoy them.